Gender Species
Female Fox
Status Affiliation
Dead None
First Appearance Last Appearance
Page 4 Page 840
Current Plane Former Planes
Hell Earth
David Hopkins

Jink, a fox, is one of the damned souls in Hell. Her eyes are open.


Little is known about Jink's life. She was the mother of Fnar and pregnant with him when she was killed, apparently by a stab wound to her abdomen and her throat being slit. Jack mentions she did some bad things but that becoming a mother could have possibly saved her soul.


Originally trapped along with other souls in Drip's wall, she was Fnar's mother, and often kept him away from his father, Drip, fearing what would happen if he met the boy. This caused her to accidentally hurt Fnar emotionally when she yelled at him out of concern and frusteration. Fnar's "girlfriend", a shade, and his "pet" Rework, Bonavin, eventually freed her from the wall. Hugging Fnar and reaffirming he "was her miracle", her eyes were opened. She stood up to Drip and proclaimed she didn't need him anymore. The last time she is seen in the strip, she comforts Fnar after Drip rapes him, and then sees him off as he is reborn on Earth.

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