Gender Species
Male Cat
Status Affiliation
Dead Rework
First Appearance Last Appearance
Page 84 Page 845
Current Plane Former Planes
Hell Earth
David Hopkins

Bonavin is a character which appeared in the story arc "dinner at Arloest", and then later in other arcs as a Rework.


Bonavin was seen in the arc "Dinner at Arloest" as one of the customers in the restaurant, at the end Arloest tried to save him by giving him a fortune cookie with the message "don't take the highway home" but he didn't bothered and so he took the highway home together with his fiance, both died in the biggest car accident ever, nothing it's known about his fiance.

After LifeEdit

after his death, it seems that he was sent to Hell and turned into a Rework, but there's a phrase Jack said after seeing him :"he's just a husk, his soul as fled a long time ago", hinting that while the corpse as been turned into a Rework, the soul might have been sent to Purgatory/Heaven.

Cannon AppearancesEdit