Canon Story
One Way To Win
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24 Page 284 Page 307
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David Hopkins David Hopkins
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Short XXII: Someone's Favorite Thing Arc XIV: Its Like Cancer

During her late evening drive, Janice finds herself taken hostage at gunpoint by Taylor, an estranged apprentice of Drip. While directing her towards an unknown fate, he offers several details about his past, including his tutelage under the infamous rapist and his own unfortunate victims.

These stories seem rife with inaccuracy. Janice, realizing that his promise to release her seems similarly moot, decides to take her chances. She eventually manages to attract the attention of a local trooper, Officer Hedy, through her sporadic driving. As Taylor responds with gunfire, the policewoman rams the speeding vehicle with her own, causing both the victim and kidnapper to careen headlong into a tree.

Tentatively approaching the aftermath, Officer Hedy discovers that while Janice seems only moderately injured, the accident has torn the attacker apart at the torso. Jack appears to whisk the mangled soul of Taylor away to Judgment as he vainly attempts to flee.

Janice awakens within a hospital to discover the outcome of her heroism. Jack silently monologues beside her. He explains that Taylor has most unfortunately rejoined his mentor in Hell and that her victory has inspired him to aid several worthy souls among the damned.