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Games We Play In Hell
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Short XI: Farrago In Hell Short XII: Don't Mention His Member

Early in the morning, a young female rabbit wakes up in her appartment in Hell. We follow her through her day, which is full of horrifying Hellish experiences, in which she alternates between being a victim, a perpetrator or a spectator. The day ends with her suicide out of desperation, upon which she wakes up again where the story started. It becomes clear this has played out many times, exactly the same way, but this time, the Grim Reaper intervenes, giving her a critical clue that allows her to break the pattern and start her journey out of Hell.

The story is famous, or infamous, for a scene set in a Roman-style colosseum where a horrifying game of 'Musical Chairs' is performed, except the 'chairs' are rape victims and the rapists are forced to gradually turn on each other, until only one is left, whose 'prize' turns out to be being taken as the victim of the embodied sin of Lust. David Hopkins later elected to omit most of the scene from the re-lettered version of the story.